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I have been involved in managing insurance portfolios for more than 28 years when you include my experience in London. I never get bored because of the constant changes,regulatory and otherwise occurring within the financial service sector. I enjoy engaging in the claims’ process to ensure the best outcome for my clients.

I keep in touch with my clients throughout the country by regular physical visits, emails , phone calls and skyping but that continual contact can never be taken for granted.

Abbi Short manages the practice and is also the gatekeeper in this intensely regulated climate. We have become pedantic at making sure that the correct process is followed at all times and also making sure that clients insurances reflect their circumstances at the time. The business is situated at 3 Roberts street Ellerslie above Doolan Brothers and there is ample parking next door if it is more convenient for you to come to me.

Abbi and I work closely as a team and it is my and her ambition that she becomes a fully qualified adviser. We will be an even greater force to be reckoned with as Abbi is in her early twenties and I am over 50 and so a greater rapport

With clients can be attained regardless of age, cultural background or current situation.

The future for the business is bright. The future for insurance relationships is stronger than ever. The credibility of the profession is being enhanced all the time and I personally am as committed as I have ever been.


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Hands down the best insurance adviser I’ve come across! Tony has exceeded my expectations in every interaction and dealing I’ve had with him, even going as far as driving down to Takanini in peak hour on Friday afternoon from Ellerslie to obtain a signature on an insurance document!

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Shane Chand

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