Private Health Insurance

Treatment for non-urgent medical conditions can involve a long, uncomfortable wait. Health insurance can help take the wait away, and much of the financial burden of diagnosis and treatment of these non-urgent conditions.

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Income Protection / Mortgage Protection

Your mortgage is arguably your greatest expense. What happens if you cannot work and you have a mortgage that still has to be paid regardless of whether you are working or not? You have the choice of two cover options.

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Critical Conditions Cover or Trauma Cover

With this policy, there are two popular concepts of CCC. A serious condition such as cancer, heart attack, stroke or paralysis is quite common and being diagnosed with any one of 40 conditions can have a huge impact on one’s family or business.

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Total Disablement

Nobody likes to think about the prospect of being permanently disabled and unable to ever work again in the occupation the person is trained and qualified to do. However, for around a third of New Zealanders this is a reality. TPD, as it is known, provides a lump sum that can be used to secure future, financial independence.

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Life Cover

If there is debt, financial dependents or final expenses, life insurance can repay wholly or partly and create liquidity when it is needed most. Loved ones left behind or businesses can continue with the important financial support.

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ACC CoverPlus Extra

There are approximately 500,000 businesses like trades’ businesses and self-employed one or two person businesses like self-employed Midwives in New Zealand and ACC CoverPlus Extra used in combination with Private Income/Mortgage Protection can provide an integrated, comprehensive and cost effective solution to protecting income in the event of being incapacitated and unable to work.

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Business Insurance

Succeeding in business is challenging enough, without having to worry about the consequences of illness, injury or death. Loss of a key person – permanently or temporarily – could have a dramatic effect on your business. Insurance is your back-up plan.

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