Trauma cover

Trauma Cover

Trauma Cover – there are two popular concepts of trauma insurance.

A serious condition such as cancer, heart attack, stroke or paralysis is more common than you think and the cost of recovery can have a huge impact on you, your family and your business.

Where life insurance pays out when you die or suffer a terminal condition, trauma insurance can pay out when are alive and the proceeds can be used to eliminate or reduce debt, replace revenue put at risk, create cash for an emergency fund or cash reserve and boost retirement savings.

The policy either pays 100% of the sum assured or a partial payment if it is carcinoma-in-situ cancer or angioplasty (less than 3 vessels).

The alternative form still provides the money you need when you are seriously ill, but rather than paying so in a single lump sum like traditional products, it can pay out more than once.

Key statistics from the 2014/2015 Annual Report

In 2014/2015 ACC accepted 1.8 million new claims:

  • 193,991 new claims for workplace injuries
  • 32,534 new claims for road injuries
  • 471,980 for sports and recreation injuries
  • 1,139,339 for injuries in the home and community.

These claims were looked after by 1,917 staff.

In 2014/2015:

  • 11,742 knee surgeries and 6,403 shoulder surgeries were covered by ACC
  • Over 989,000 clients visited their GP
  • Over 472,000 clients received physiotherapy
  • Over 37,000 clients had surgery.

In 2014/2015 ACC spent:

  • $3.2 billion over the year on claims
  • $771 million on hospital treatment and surgery
  • $514 million on care and support
  • $1,190 million on compensation for people unable to work.

Income Protection Insurance

We work with New Zealand’s leading insurance providers to provide you the best income protection cover to suit your needs at the best price possible. Here are some important benefits of taking out income protection cover:

  • Life life without the worry of losing your income.
  • You’re covered with regular monthly payments in the caes of injury or inability to work.
  • You can focus on recovery instead of stressing about unpaid bills and mortgage payments.
  • Access to the latest medical procedures and technology
  • No need to worry about large medical bills
  • No guarantee ACC will provide full accident cover
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